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Wild Sage Market

Wild Sage Market


About Us

This is a grass-roots effort to open a food co-op in Green River, Wyoming. Community support is necessary for us to be successful!

We will be a community owned grocery store with a focus on locally sourced and produced foods and other healthy products - providing you with more variety and options to outfit your fridge.
As a startup project, with initial funding by our community, and later funding through bank loans, our primary aim is to sell memberships in order to open a full-service grocery store.

We will strive to partner with and promote local producers. This will expand our local economy, directly benefiting local producers, and keep more of your money local, with community ownership of our store-to-be.

Wild Sage Market will be more than just another grocery store - with clean-conventional prepared foods and a variety of items you'll only find at our store - we aim to give our members and all Sweetwater County shoppers a full-service, hometown experience unique to our area.

As a health-focused grocery store, we'll provide information, education, and products that complement a health conscious lifestyle and overall sustainability.


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